Back Issues: 1980s

Fall 1988


Thomas Jefferson Takes His Granddaughters to Natural Bridge:
A Trip “Attended with Disasters and Accidents”
S. Allen Chambers

The Mill Wheels Are Silent: A History of Milling in Lynchburg.
T. Gibson Hobbs, Jr.

Anne Spencer–A Poet in Her Garden,
Laurie Caldwell

The Virginia & Tennessee Railroad: Lynchburg’s First,
Janet Shaffer

Thomas Jefferson’s Escape to Geddes Farm in Amherst County,
Martha Terrell Harris
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Spring 1989

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Backpacking With the “Knights of the Golden Horseshoe,

Mildred Winner

Profiles of the Past,
Becky Driskill Schlott

Two Steps Forward and One Step Back:
The Participation of Lynchburg, Virginia Blacks in Politics, 1865-1870,
Harry S. Ferguson

“Your Affectionate Lover” ,
Peter W. Houck

A True Southern Belle,
Ed Warehime

Daniel, A Town Lost in Time,
Laurie Caldwell

The Clay Pipes of Pamplin,
Nancy Jamerson Weiland
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Fall 1989


The Art of Queena Stovall
(Editor’s Note)

Queena Stovall: ‘Country Woman’?...or a World-Class Personality?...or Both?,
Claudine Weatherford

Patrick Henry and Dr. George Cabell,
James M. Elson

Queena Stovall’s ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’,
Claudine Weatherford.

Carl Hutcherson, the central figure in Queena Stovall’s
‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’

The ‘Old’ Lynchburg College.
Clifton W. Potter, Jr.

Pioneer Quakers on the Bedford Frontier,
Douglas Summers Brown
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