Fall 2006

Lynchburg Dancing: Floyd Ward and Her School
by Elizabeth Forsyth Harris
How can we know the dancer from the dance school? In this lighthearted look back, a former student reveals how Floyd Ward’s professional career, dance school empire, and family life were all facets of a single, unforgettable, grand revue.

A City Upon A Hill: A History of the Old City Cemetery in Pictures
by Ted Delaney
It may have been News & Advance columnist Darrell Laurant who coined the saying “Lynchburg’s city of the dead is the liveliest place in town.” This pictorial offers a sneak peak at a forthcoming publication.

The Dream Fulfilled: The Bicentennial of Poplar Forest
by Travis McDonald
In this Jeffersonian version of “How I Spent My Summer Vacation,” the multitalented Commander in Chief takes time out from remodeling the President’s House to lay the foundation for Poplar Forest.

The Mother Church of Methodism in Lynchburg
by Terrell D. Moseley
“There were no churches in Lynchburg prior to 1806. However there were a great number of saloons….” So, how did all these steeples rise to define the Lynchburg skyline? The author recounts the trials and triumphs of the people who built the city’s first Methodist church and many others to follow.

Far From The Tree: The Orchards of Tobacco Row Mountain
by Tom Burford
Amherst County’s famous orchard and nursery consultant explores the region’s agricultural history, uncovering many surprises along the way. It turns out that some of the best fruit you’ll ever taste originated in the soil of Central Virginia.
How do you like them apples?

Wright: Recent Drawings by Frank B. Wright, Jr.
Randy Parr shares selections from his private collection.

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