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Lynchburg 100: An Illustrated Guide to Lynchburg Landmarks
S. Allen Chambers, Jr. & Nancy B. Marion
Blackwell Press, 2007

Lynchburg 100 is a beautifully rendered little guidebook. With text by S. Allen Chambers and photographs by Nancy B. Marion, you can follow Lynchburg history from the Langley Fountain to the Quaker Meeting House. In between you have the directions to drive or walk through the pages of this city’s history. The landmarks chosen are all described with dates and names, and the reason for their significance. The photographs are so vivid and clear, many look to have been shot on the most beautiful sunny Virginia day. The sepia-toned chapter dividers offer additional history along with some interesting old photos that help to link one section of town to another. The front and back covers open to reveal comprehensive maps giving the location of all 100 landmarks. Excellent maps are becoming a trademark of the Blackwell Press.

There are guidebooks that do just that, guide you around a place. But the text in the Lynchburg 100 elevates the reader to another level. It is really a mini history of Lynchburg and its architecture. The following quote is just one example of that spark of intellect and humor that Mr. Chambers is able to convey to all things historical.

Of number 63, the John Kinnier House, he says:
“It’s hard not to love this felicitous frame example of the Queen Anne style, although the brooding semicircular dormer window and corner tower, topped with a witch’s cap roof, try hard to intimidate.”

Following a cue from the authors, whose biographical descriptions linked themselves to many of the sites, I tried the same. I quickly found personal connections to numbers 8, 10, 30, 50, 70, 78, 89, and 92. If you have lived for more than a few months in Lynchburg you can probably do the same.

Lynchburg 100 is the perfect book for both residents and visitors. It is accurate, has great pictures and is affordable. You can quickly become an expert, so when that next curious visitor comes to town you are ready with answers to the question “What is there to see in Lynchburg?”

­­—Marilyn K. Martin

Entire article available only in printed version. Lynch's Ferry is on sale at the following Lynchburg locations: Bookshop on the Avenue, Givens Books, Lynchburg Visitors Center, Old City Cemetery, Point of Honor, Market at Main, and Lynch's Ferry office at The Design Group, 1318 Church Street, Lynchburg.

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