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Call Nancy Marion at 434-847-0939 for information or cover placement or simply fill out the attached advertising contract and fax to 434-847-0036, email to or mail to us at Lynch's Ferry, 311 Rivermont Avenue, Lynchburg, VA 24504.

Lynch's Ferry Advertising Contract - Rates & Specs (.pdf)
Lynch's Ferry Ad Sizes (.pdf)

Advertising Policy

We are committed to giving subscribers an enjoyable reading experience, while offering advertisers an uncluttered showcase for their messages. Meeting these goals entails limiting advertising to no more than 20%–25% of the magazine. We also strive to enhance Lynch’s Ferry with advertising relevant to our readers’ interests and needs. Inside covers are available on a first-come basis.

Lynch’s Ferry is published twice a year in May and November. Advertising insertion orders must be received by March 15 for the May issue and by September 15 for the November issue.

Magazine Profile
Lynch’s Ferry is a journal describing the cultural heritage of the people who live in Lynchburg, Virginia and the surrounding areas. Editorial focus includes personalities, events, places and institutions from the past as well as contemporary subjects with an historical perspective. The arts, lifestyles, furniture, architecture, food, fashion and a variety of other fascinating topics are covered by knowledgeable writers, talented artists and photographers. Lynch’s Ferry is informative and entertaining reading for history buffs and all people who appreciate the rich culture of Lynchburg and the surrounding counties. The magazine appeals to an upscale audience and to advertisers who want to reach a valuable market composed of readers with buying power.

Magazine History
Lynch’s Ferry was founded by Dr. Peter Houck in 1988 and published until 2006 by Warwick House Publishing . It has included articles by historians such as S. Allen Chambers, T. Gibson Hobbs, Jr., Clifton W. Potter, Jr., James M. Elson, Douglas C. Macleod, Janet Shafer, Robert P. Merchant, William H. Young, Thomas G. Ledford, Ted Delaney, and many others. In 1998 Nancy Blackwell Marion took over the design of the magazine and in 2006 became the publisher. Her two companies, The Design Group and Blackwell Press, produce the magazine.

Magazine Readers
Lynch’s Ferry is the official publication of the Lynchburg Historical Foundation, which gives each member a subscription as a perk of membership. The rest of the readership is comprised of loyal subscribers and individuals who purchase the magazine for $5 a copy at newsstands. Because the content is essentially timeless, issues of Lynch’s Ferry tend to linger on coffee tables and in waiting rooms throughout the region.

Advertising Rates & Specs
Ad Size Width x Height Online Ad
Width x Height
1 time Full year
(per issue)
Inside cover 7.5” x 10” or full bleed 160 x 320 pixels $850 $1600
($800 ea.)
Full page 7.5” x 10” or full bleed 160 x 320 pixels $650 $1200
($600 ea.)
Two thirds page 4.875” x 10” 160 x 160 pixels $550 $1000
($500 ea.)
Half page horizontal 7.5” x 4.875” 160 x 160 pixels $450 $800
($400 ea.)
Half page vertical 3.68” x 10” 160 x 160 pixels $450 $800
($400 ea.)
Third page horizontal 4.875 x 4.875” 160 x 120 pixels $350 $650
($325 ea.)
Third page vertical 2.4” x 10” 160 x 120 pixels $350 $650
($325 ea.)
Fourth page 3.68” x 4.875” 160 x 120 pixels $300 $550
($275 ea.)
Sixth page 2.4” x 4.875” 160 x 90 pixels $225 $400
($200 ea.)
Eighth page 3.68” x 2.3” 160 x 90 pixels $180 $320
($160 ea.)

Print Specifications
Sheetfed offset
SWOP (coated)
Trim size = 8.5” x 11”

Digital Files
We are Macintosh platform and OSX compliant. Raster images should be 300 ppi.
Preferred files: Press resolution Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
Accepted files: Adobe InDesign CS3, Adobe Illustrator CS3, Adobe Photoshop CS3
Media: CD preferred. Please include a color or black-and-white proof with all digital files.
Electronic transmission:
Fax (for contracts): 434-847-0036
Mail CDs and proofs to:
Lynch’s Ferry
311 Rivermont Avenue
Lynchburg, VA 24504

Online Ads
Online versions of ads may be saved in .JPG or .GIF format. All ads should be optimized for web viewing.

March 15 for May issue
September 15 for November issue

Term and Conditions
1. All invoiced charges are due and payable upon publication date. A finance charge of 1.5% applies after thirty days from the date of publication.
2. The publisher reserves the right to limit the amount of advertising or to reject any advertising.
3. Advertisers and ad agencies agree that the publisher is under no liability by reason of omission. Should there be a substantive error by the publisher, a correct ad in the following issue will serve as a make-good.
4. Advertising rates are for print-ready electronic files to be furnished by the advertiser. Additional charges may apply to advertisements requiring additional typography or re-work, subject to the advertiser’s approval.

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